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Click here to go to Risk Management's site for more information on which applications to use and for further details about Off Campus Authorizations. 

Applications for Self/Site Registration




Applications for International Registration

All travelers must also complete the Export Controls online Travel form for travel to be approved.  Please click here to log into the Export Controls Portal and choose "Travel" when asked: What form would you like to submit?

Employees, please click here:



Students, please follow steps below:
**NOTE: Students logging in for the first time, please select "I do not have login credentials to this site".**

Step 1 - Complete the Student International Away Elective form
Step 2 - Have your Faculty Advisor sign the form
Step 3 - Complete the Export Controls, Visual Compliance form. Choose "Travel" when asked: What form would you like to submit?
Step 4 - Complete the Student International Travel Application (button below) and attach the signed Student International Away Elective form



Application for Proxy Registration

Use the following links if you are registering on behalf of another employee/resident in your department. Do not use for Student International Travel.


The Export Controls online questionnaire must be completed for International travel to be approved. Please click here to submit the Travel form found in the Export Controls Portal on behalf of the employee/resident traveling Internationally.